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Tales of a Salty Sweetheart


Hi.  My name is Jennifer Matthews. I have been a committed singer/songwriter/musician for almost every day of my life.  I am currently in the process of recording my new acoustic rock album.

To date, I have released 6 major records, a live DVD (from the Piper Club in Rome, Italy) and a collaboration song with composer/musician Fabio Fraschinifrom Rome, Italy. The song was released as a single entitled 'Birds of Winter' (a streaming light symphony). I have also received an acknowledgement award from Billboard Music Magazine for my song ‘The Wheel’. Director Mark Furnas noted that I was writing at a high level and Billboard President Jim Halsey wrote “Only the highest quality songs make it to the top. This honor demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a “Hit Song”.

Jennifer with Phil Greene
Jennifer at TRIAD studio with Phil Greene 

I was incredibly excited working with mixing legend Phil Green. Phil was referred to me by Rose as the perfect one to mix this record. Upon our first meeting, I realized this record was falling into the perfect hands. Phil has had an incredible career as a mixing engineer with over seventy million in record sales. In his twenty-four years as owner, manager, and chief engineer of Normandy Sound, Phil has recorded and/or mixed over twenty-five gold and platinum albums and singles. The mixes he has done on this record literally have sent these songs over the moon!!!   

With your sponsorship this record will be on the airwaves very soon!!!  Thank u, thank u and from the deepest part of my being - THANK U!!!!!  

Over the last five years life has led me down many musical roads with a touring schedule that has taken me multiple times across the U.S., as far as Alaska, and also through Italy, Switzerland and England. While the traveling has been rewarding and helped me to grow as a musician, it has not afforded me the time or the funds to record as much as I need to. So far commercial success has eluded me, my vision has not. I am a singer/songwriter living my truth through the heartbeat of my songs and my original music.

I returned to Boston and like a sculptor, began to chip away song by song, recording this new record, my work of art… 

I produced and engineered it on my own with a home recording unit. The funds I receive through this Sponsorship will enable this record to get mastered, duplicated, released and publicized.

There are some great musicians who contributed some tracks: Boston’s infamous Russell Chudnofsky on dobro and electric guitar, world renowned percussionist Marcelo Ozain, cellist Robert Rivera, NYC drummer Rohin Khemani, Accordion by Kevin Byrne, Rome Italy’s bassist Fabio Fraschini and some added textural guitars from Italy’s Jurij G Ricotti.

Jennifer with Fabio and Juij Jennifer with Fabio and Juij

Why should you Sponsor?
With infectious hooks, strong melodies and Jennifer’s distinctive vocal style… these songs will move you, shake you, transcend you and make you proud to be a part of it.  

I am calling this record 'Tales of a Salty Sweetheart'…it is poetic, acoustic rock at its best.  It delivers, I promise!!!

Jennifer Matthews


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