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Jennifer Matthews
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Jennifer Matthews is an international touring artist... if you would like to donate for her tours please click the Donate link. All donations are greatly appreciated.
Sponsorship link for ‘Tales of a Salty Sweetheart’ Jennifer’s latest Release

Jennifer Matthews - Live in Italy - DVD

Jennifer Matthews "The Sunroom Sessions"

Jennifer Matthews on Social Media
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Jennifer Matthews is truly a gifted Artist and her live performances are powerful, strong and moving. Metronome Music Magazine featured Jennifer as their cover story with a full interview. Shaun McNamara writes "...Matthews and artists like Ann Wilson, Pat Benatar, Doro Pesch and Liz Phair are dissimilar in music style and sound but they all embody an ability to be recognized as straight out rockers. Not female rockers, not rock chicks, and certainly not advocates for a spotlight of women in music. They have no need for a one trick pony. They stood or stand in parallel with the likes of Kurt Cobain, Robert Plant, Neil Young and Chris Cornell, respected for their pure musicianship and charismatic presence..."

Jennifer is an artist who lives the life and is the embodiment of her music and words.
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Danielle Miraglia
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Danielle Miraglia "Nothing Romantic Danielle Miraglia "Bad Poetry" Danielle Miraglia LINKS

A strong steady thumb on an old Gibson guitar is the driving force behind Danielle Miraglia's delta blues influenced guitar style. Add a raw, powerful, whiskey tinged voice and one might be tempted to label her a blues artist. But while Miraglia's style pays homage to these blues traditions, her classic rock verve, catchy melodies and eclectic array of song subjects that range from deeply personal to socially relevant give it an original twist that is all her own. A fresh sound along with a sharp wit and a captivating stage presence is gaining her fans all over the map. "It won't be long before the rest of the country takes notice."
- Performing Songwriter

Sean Wiggins
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Sean Wiggins "The Kitchen Sink" Sean Wiggins "Everyday Life" LINKS  

This dynamic blonde from Los Angeles embodies the bluesy edge of Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt and Janis, rolling seamlessly into a rock energy and country polish that defies comparison. Regardless of orchestration, her resounding stage presence, humorous banter, amazing vocals, and insightful lyrics never fail to captivate.


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