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Jennifer Matthews


The trees are standing bare
Unassumingly aware
There’s a perched owl staring into the mind
Of a young girl turning

There’s a wheelbarrow
Sitting with its heart wide open
Pointing to the south
There’s a wing up above
It’s moving with December’s prelude of love

And the sky is wide open

There’s an old house up upon the hill
Its been empty ever since I can remember
The river runs along the side
And I think that’s where I’d hide if I had to
That’s where I’d hide

And the sky is wide open

Starkness climbing up a wall
Each vine symbolizing all the sides now
I wonder what is mine
And what belongs to the sign of the season
What belongs to the sign

And the sky is wide open

When I look back
I want to remember
The defining days
And the trees in December
Trees in December

Written by:  Jennifer Matthews  ©


1,000 MILES

Way down in the valley below
Bones and halos
The dirt is kicking up all kinds of stones
I got a mask in hand that helps to bear the dust
It sticks to my skin I feel a nowhere man

And I feel 1,000 miles
I feel a dusty road
I feel part of the ground
There’s one hundred more to go
Before the sun goes down

It takes a lot of thought to try and understand
These crosses on my back are burdensome and long
I sing a lovely song that takes some of the weight
I find the rivers edge and sink into my fate

And I feel 1,000 miles
I feel a dusty road
I feel part of the ground
There’s one hundred more to go
Before the sun goes down

Dreaming in metaphors gives a kind relief
Even if it relies on a belief
What comes will come to pass
What’s passed will come again
I brush off the dirt and walk into the wind

And I feel 1,000 miles
I feel a dusty road
I feel part of the ground
There’s one hundred more to go before the sun goes down
There’s a hundred more to go, before the sun goes down

Written by:  Jennifer Matthews   ©

Fairytales and Misdemeanors

A poetry collection from Boston rocker Jennifer Matthews. Matthews has been lauded as the new Patti Smith by the popular press. Matthews has brought her music and words to the paper, with results that have wowed Boston and Cambridge Poetry Audiences.

Her book was released by Ibbetson Street Press of Somerville, 25 School St., Somerville, MA 02143, 617-628-2313 – You can purchase a copy for $5.

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"A book not to miss, especially if you're looking for an uplift, a little trip into the accessible visionary."
-- Hugh Fox, Small Press - Review Nov-Dec 2003

Jennifer Matthews has made her mark in the literary scene as a very accomplished poet. Her poems have been published in Nepal by Pen Himalaya and locally by the Wilderness Retreat Writers Organization and Somerville News as well as various issues of The Ibbetson Street Press & Boston Girl Guide. Jennifer was nominated for a poetry award by the Cambridge Arts Council for her book of poetry "Fairy Tales and Misdemeanors".

Jennifer has read her poetry as a feature at the following venues…
Open Bark Series @ Out of the Blue
HCAM “live” on TV with studio audience
Lizard Lounge Poetry Series with Jeff Robinson Trio
Main Street Café with Sean Theal
Stone Soup Poets with Jack Powers
Somerville News Writers Fest
Newton Free Library Poetry Series with Doug Holder

Captures the Light

A bird bath
A clear bed of water
A bottle of you
A pearl drop against a night sky dark with stillness
A hammer for the winds
A paintbrush and two sails to set its motion
A turtle and a peacock
A red dress and a blue stone
A mountain and a flowing river
A holy book and a line of you
A satin smile and three breaths for each kiss in you
Eyes of morning caress mournful tunes that weep a symphony
Stardust fallen from your finger
Into my palm
up through my arm
Into my hair
Wet from the dew of your heart...
It shimmers and captures the light
It shimmers......and captures the light.

By: Jennifer Matthews