One From & For the Artists

Record Review by TC Krentz

Compilation discs are gaining popularity mostly thanks to the movie industry. Now establishments like Starbucks are getting in on the act with hip compilations birthing the "coffeehouse" genre of music. Compilations are great. Never boring. But they can run into trouble when they present Sarah McLachlan and Megadeath on the same CD.

Wildfire is a CD out of San Francisco that meets the criteria for a perfect compilation. Handpicked by producer, photographer & local hipster Nicole Roberts, the songs flow together like one long river of great women's music. It's an excellent introduction to likes of Deb Talan, Beth Waters, Michelle Malone and Deb Pasternak. It presents an infectious string of gems from the folk, rock, blues styles.

If you ever enjoyed the likes of, Tracy Chapman, Etheridge, Edie Brickell or Ricki Lee Jones I guarantee you will fall in love with this collection of catchy tunes.

The most important thing about this CD is not it's great music but what it's about. These songs were donated by each artist because proceeds benefit two great causes; The Rose Street House of Music & public radio station KPFA.

Rose St House is a concert & workshop space specifically dedicated to women's music. Venues like this are much needed because as popular as women's music is becoming, the music industry is still one big Boy's Club. Every city needs a Rose
St House.

KPFA is Northern Cali's premiere radio source of local, original arts & culture. With the continued government cuts to Public Broadcasting, it is important that we the consumer show loyalty to this potential dying breed of media.

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