Teresa Storch

Muscle Memory (Storch Records)

Record Review by TC Krentz

Teresa Storch debuts her promising singer/songwriting talents on Muscle Memory. Her Vega/Merchant-esk vocals and simplistic yet funky guitar work are backdropped by some very tasteful musicianship from Jim Wooster, Jeff St Pier & Phil Antoniades. Teresa’s skilled vocal style shines on the track “Choose Your Battles” while inserting a bit of wisdom;

I’m one who seeks perfection I get frustrated by the rest / if that’s just out of the question I can convince myself that I could care less So I’ll appear undaunted, but there’s still this confidence I lack/ ‘cause I fear my mind could always stab me in the back.

The bluesy title track reveals her alluring seductiveness which balances out this set of 6 fabulously catchy folk-genre’d tunes. We’ll be keeping an anxious eye on this newer talent and look forward to her next effort. Speaking of keeping an eye on her, Teresa is quite the road warrior so zip over to her website & catch one of her many upcoming show dates!