Susan Tedeschi

Wait For Me

(cool tone records)

Record Review by TC Krentz

Go pick up on Susan Tedeschi. But don't pass her off as another cuddly white
girl from Massachusetts. Invite her back to your place. The minute you bring
her into your living room and she starts doing her thing, your world will take
on an entirely different vibe. Don't worry, your friends and family will love
her as much as you do. Her second release Wait For Me is all dressed up for
presentation to all musical cultures. The blues speak to everyone on some level;
Susan Tedeschi does a great job of delivering it's message. You'll get right
away why she's been nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy. A mega team of great blues players & quintesential lyrics round out the tunes.

Hey where have you been hiding, in a land far away.
Oh I can't stay away but you're wrapped in the arms of another.
All my life I've been searching for someone who's true, someone like you
But I'm lost looking in the haze, can't make it past this stage
While you're wrapped in the arms of another.
Oh it tears me up inside & I know in my heart that you were meant for me.
And if we're meant to be then it will be.

She is simply a great songwriter with a perfect voice for beltin' out some
serious soulful blues. And, oh yes, this chick can play that guitar. And while
you're at it pick up her debut record Just Won't Burn. After all, you've
invited her into your home so you might as well let her stay awhile.