Sophie B Hawkins


(Trumpet Swan Records/Rykodisc)

Record Review by TC Krentz

This 3rd release from Sophie is absolutely worth the almost 4 year wait. As always, her passion pours from every track, both musically and lyrically.

The CD is a mixed bag, revealing the many faces of Sophie B Hawkins. Of course her soft pop side comes shining through again with tracks such as "Walking In My Blue Jeans" and the outstanding "Lose Your Way." These songs are of hit quality just as "Now I Lay Me Down" was.

There is a darker edge to some of the songs such as "I Walk Alone" and the almost spooky "The Darkest Childe" but they are carried by excellent instrumentation. (This would explain the Explicit Lyrical Content sticker on the cover, once again
earning a controversial grade on yet another Hawkins record). Who said Sophie was the girl next door? Far be it for her to not color a salacious streak throughout most of these tracks.

Most musicians that come to mind are no doubt pretty sexy; it's part of the package. But nobody does seductive the way Sophie B Hawkins does, both live and on record.

When this original CD hit the stores, it was released under Sony. In an attempt to reclaim her autonomy, Sophie re-released Timbre on her own Trumpet Swan Records. The listener benefits- she was able to drop in additions such as a
bonus disc filled with several previously unreleased tunes and videoclips for the cuts "No Connection" and "The One You Have Not Seen."

Check out her underground website... (named after her documentary) for song samples of this long awaited remarkable CD.