Sean Wiggins

I Gotta Be Me (Wigmeister Records)

Record Review by TC Krentz

Sean Wiggins poignantly strips down to the bare necessities on her latest release I Gotta Be Me. This recording has an extra special feel- like a field trip of genuineness inside the heart & mind of this clever artist. Laced with a few tales of inspiration, Sean & her songs become more likable with every listen. You won’t make it halfway through the CD without being struck with the warm feeling you know this chick through & through.

Just when you’ve tagged her a country/blues singer with a sense of humor, she catches you off guard with a touching masterpiece like “Remembering Spring.” Her striking voice is just as at home on a silly country ditty as it is on a beautiful piano backed ballad. Yeah, that’s her on the piano… she’s all that & a six stringer, too.

Heartfelt songwriting and down to earth lyrics make for yet another impressive record from Sean Wiggins. Check her out at