Sean Wiggins

Next Time Around (Independent release)

By TC Krentz ©

A little bit of soul goes a long way with this bluesy, yet funky, record.

Sean Wiggin's creativity has a sassy streak that will bring a smile to your face. All the songs on this CD are catchy enough to be considered pop, but can be authenticated as bluesy or funky because of the awesome talent of all the players.

This doesn't sound like work that should be coming from a cute young blonde from Los Angeles, but it is.

The extra cool touch on these tunes is the harmonic talents of partner in crime, Linda Moss. Sean herself is the main contributor; songwriter, guitarist, pianist. But it's her vocals that are the steam of this locomotive.

Just when you think you've nailed her vocal style as rugged or bluesy, or jazzy, a track like No Difference comes along to prove its deep beauty.

Whatever she does with her talents, it's all great. Visit her website for info on how to get a little Sean into your music collection: