Sarah Woolf

Ask My Lover

(Jus Lissen Productions)

Record Review by TC Krentz

Sarah Woolf's 3rd release entitled "Ask My Lover" is a unique collection of 10 well executed folk rock songs. Her alluring guitar sound is backed by strong musicianship throughout; a perfect canvas for her slightly haunting voice.

Not only are the songs themselves catchy but the lyrics definitely capture and hold your interest. Her soft voice expresses a great string of slightly sarcastic and truth telling poetry, creating a clever twist to this record.

The opening track, "November," is a great little number that has a nice musical groove topped with dreamy vocal tracks that works together beautifully. Not to worry, there are songs to follow that show Sarah's harder edge for you modern
folksters. The intriguing title track "Ask My Lover" will have you tapping your foot while laughing your ass off as she tours you through the precarious life of a dyke.

Sarah is the lesbian community's very own Suzanne Vega. There is a cool music movement in the women's community right now and Sarah Woolf definitely takes her place in it.