Sarah Brindell
"Dreaming Shoes"

(Naya Records)


Record review by TC Krentz

On her second release, Dreaming Shoes, Sarah Brindell creates a set of work which brings together cohesively the styles of jazz, blues and soul under one roof.

The players make every song shine, and the rhythym sections are exceptional. Most songs penned by Sarah herself prove she is both an outstanding singer and songwriter. For good measure it should be noted she plays piano and all things keys fabulously.

"Dandelion" kicks off the collection and sets it's infectious tone with a laid back kind of funky-jazz feel. The are a few "reality based" songs to keep it real like "Workaholic", a blues number that conveys perfectly the drag of today's workaholic lifestyle which seems to becoming an American epidemic.

Sarah's take of a Brazil-flavored version of The Police's "Message in a Bottle" is both delightful and well-polished. A clever instrumental version of Freddie Hubbard's "Little Sunflower" featuring beautifully smooth flugelhorn leads by the very talented Yaure Muniz is a must-hear for any contemporary jazz fan.

Check out Dreaming Shoes on iTunes and Amazon and see for yourself that talent that Boston Globe proclaimed as "the newly minted diva of funk pop and jazz."

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