Sarah Brindell

Sarah Brindell “Piece of Mind”

Record Review by Becca Holland

From the first few bars, I was intrigued. Almost immediately images of Norah Jones and Fiona Apple entered my mind – smooth and silky, funky and edgy, whispery yet substantial. The opening track “Own Skin” is a fusion of jazz melodies and is a throw back to the days of Billie Holiday when the music was metaphor for turmoil and trouble but sounded like honey.

The entire recording is velvet smooth which allows the deeper meaning of the lyrics to sink in almost imperceptibly behind the fusion of cello, French horn, and bass. With the underlying theme of heartbreak as in Purple Lullaby “I won’t regret the world I chose with open eyes / but I’ve found a way to make it all go away / I’m gonna serenade the sky / into a Purple Lullaby” and struggle with finding yourself in Own Skin “With a little luck you can find / A place to fly away free in your Own Skin”, Brindell manages to paint a realistic picture of life but covers its harshness with a voice that acts as salve to comfort. She even manages to throw in raw sexual energy dressed up retro-rhythm in Sweet Candlelight, but simple melodies and a honey-warm voice can’t disguise the core – pure seduction.

For an unexpected change of pace, pop this CD into your player. For more information, check out