Peculiar Boogie

Pay Toll to the Troll

Record Review by TC Krentz

I think we may have found where they’ve been hiding all the decent rock music. Y’know – the good stuff that sounds like Led Zeppelin got some funk splashed on ‘em? Yeah, that stuff…

The second record from Peculiar Boogie proves that great rock music is still being written, recorded & played live. If it’s not enough that this deliciously groovy band truly rocks, the lead vocalist Lisa Marshall alone has enough talent to blow every fish in the Puget Sound out of the water. Check the concert cut Silver Ghost; live footage for your ears to see just how phenomenal this band performs. Rebekah Coltman’s guitar solo on this track rips around the closing vocal like a tornado. At least we finally get to dispel that old wives tale that ballads don’t rock. Speaking of live, it’s hard to image P.B. without drummer John Knecht. No matter who’s on bass, studio or gig- his drumming lures your attention to the rhythm section which is the true source of their groovin’ drive. We also wish to acknowledge in an era that considers the drum solo passé, this is the guy that is entitled to as many damn measures as he wants.

This band rocks like the V8 in your Daddy’s hot roddin’ Nova. If you don’t find yourself bouncing your bobblehead to this one, then we’re sending you back to groove school. Here’s your homework assignment- pick up both their debut CD as well as this new release. And for extra credit will ya get to their website & vote for them to tour New England?