Nina Storey - So Many Ways From: me To: you

Record review by Holly J. Seiver - Boston Girl Guide

Open Your Ears - Nina Storey Is Sending A Message..

Many artists wait till track 4 to hit you with their best shot, if they hit at all.
Nina Storey hits hard and squarely off the top with a Tyson-powered jab with the gospel infused “I Have Been Found”. After such a powerful start you might wonder where she could go from there, but Storey has a few more tricks up her sleeve before she decks you with the emotion-driven ballad, “Woman”. Book-ended between these two powerhouses is a musical letter no less personal and even more revelatory. Storey calls it, “the most emotionally intimate record I’ve ever done.”

Always a vocal standout, Storey’s latest release “So Many Ways from: me to: you” has an organic, simple approach that let’s her voice command center stage. Tuned lithe, sexy and strong, Nina’s vocal instrument communicates loss, acceptance, and freedom in her indomitable eclectic style. Set upon a rougher acoustic canvas than previous releases, her voice and musical accompaniment paints a textured and more home-concert connectedness throughout.

“Getting Over You” drops you onto a comfy Bayou porch with Storey and her pals jammin’ and freestylin’ in a love gone wrong yarn that is two parts empowering and one part snarkey. Next stop on this emotional adventure is sleek and cool “Someone Else”. It evokes that nervous expectation you feel upon a chance meeting in a dark dance club where you want to take a chance but know better.

“So Many Ways” in it’s most telling moments is perhaps a letter to Nina herself and to individuals named and unnamed. A quirky example is “Rae”, a kittenish folk ode to a simpler time shared with her older sister Rachael - a connection exemplifying moments of youthful pursuits, simple pleasures and a less stressful time. “Time To Fly”, a tribute to her late grandmother’s spirit, defies gravity and challenges the most stoic to smile and bounce. It is here that Storey hits her strong stride again.

Take a deep breath and engage in this intimate exploration of freedom and the process of discovering one’s self with Nina Storey.