Michelle Malone

Stompin' Ground

Record Review by TC Krentz

Man, has Michelle Malone ever kicked out an instant classic this time. I know, I know- that’s what we said about her last release “Hello Out There”. Well, we’re not taking that claim back because that is still one of the best independent ROCK albums we’ve ever gotten our hands on. But old Michelle seems to have gone back home to Georgia & rolled around in that Southern-ness between that album and this one. What a perfect barebones southern rockin’ record Stompin’ Ground is.

One thing Michelle Malone knows how to do is write a damn great song. Here’s a whole string of them again, this time dunked in the swamp for a good southern soak & what’s been pulled out is a set of 12 fantastic southern rock tunes. It’s not exactly Country but she could qualify as a recipient of the CMA or the Grammy.

Michelle presents everything from a few bluesy tunes (Moanin’ Coat – don’t die without hearin’ it) or the perfectly rockin’ Flagpole (heavy lyrics- perish the idea of pulling up a lemonade & breezin’ through this record) and some quirky/silly tunes because records like this keep as down to earth as they can while blowing your mind. Michelle Malone has done it again- new fans should be sucked in, old fans will be wowed as always!