Michelle Malone

Hello Out There

(SBS Records)

Record Review by TC Krentz

Michelle Malone's astonishing display of talent is not to be missed by any music fan in her latest release "Hello Out There". Her unique cross of pop & folk styles accompanied by remarkable lyrics make for a record which will be driven to play over and over again.

After a colorful history of record label hopping driven by her desire to maintain her autonomy , Michelle Malone's 9th recording has been released on her own label, SBS Records.

This is a collection of 12 beautifully crafted pop songs most of which are absolutely worthy of radio play.While many of the tunes can be categorized as folky, there is a nice dreamy rock feel to them. Her vocals are stunning; from harmonies & backs to the unique quality of her voice. She parallels with the likes of sweeter version of Suzanne Vega or Heather Nova. Check out "Superball" for a perfect example of the passionate style Michelle Malone has created for herself.

The contributing players on these recordings are exceptional. They take a simple song"Caffeine and Catharsis" and color it with incredible rhythm, adding a nice groove to these already infectious tunes.This particular song also reveals Michelle's thought provoking lyrical talent; "The body and the soul,
they are no longer willing/ caught here in this shadow web, feeling like a villain/ and all that I can do is stare at the door/ wondering why I'm never satisfied wanting more/ I can't remember when I did not care if you cared/ Only when I would pretend that you were not there."

Michelle Malone is Atlanta's best kept secret, until now.
Do yourself a favor while supporting this incredible artist
and pick up "Hello Out There" on your next CD jag. You will fall in love with her!