Melissa Etheridge


(Island Records)

Record Review by TC Krentz

If the third time is a charm, the seventh time must mean concrete glory as far as Melissa Etheridge's musical career is concerned.

Her new release Skin is a sheer masterpiece of heartbreak. Maintaining her "queen of album-rock" title, we still manage to get a full frontal view of Melissa's every emotion.

Seasoned fans will love it, the radio folks should love it, and if you're looking for music to grieve by, you will love it.

Melissa Etheridge seems to be at a "let it all hang out" point in her career. She just released her autobiography "The Truth Is... My Life in Love and Music". Along with this CD, you're officially exposed to this rocker's vulnerable side.

There's some standard Melissa rockers you come to expect but a lot of quieter, sensitive songs which portray a story of sorts.

Don't break out the Prozac just yet, the CD and the book do end on a positive note. Now there is something we truly have come to expect from Melissa Etheridge.