Lo Galluccio

Spell On You

Record Review By TC Krentz

Lo Galluccio – Spell On You

I am not sure if we’ve ever received such a potpourri collection this varied here at the BGG. But Lo Galluccio engages in this risky business successfully, you see. .The age old problem with recording different genres of songs is that the artist can’t stake their style properly. This record somehow avoids that pitfall and cleverly gets away with bringing together the gruffy likes of “I Put A Spell On You” (Screaming Jay Hawkins) with the Frank favorite (for those of you with class) “Fly Me To The Moon”.

She sports a guttural execution similar to Patty Smith, which gives the point-blank truthshooting lyrics she writes the validity they deserve. If Exene Cervenka had the vocal quality of Bjork, the world would already have been exposed to the likes of Lo Galluccio.

Her second release “Spell On You” definitely warrants some investigation, if for no other reason than to own a version of “Que Sera Sera” that you won’t feel embarrassed singing along to…

Purchase this CD on the Boston Girl Guide website. And visit her website for exposure to her poetry! www.logalluccio.com