Leah Callahan

Even Sleepers

Record Review By TC Krentz

Leah Callahan – Even Sleepers (Baraca Records)

Clever Cabaret? Eccentric Lounge? Whatever you call Leah Callahan, make sure it’s not too audacious. The level of wit here is so deep that, like Madeline Kahn, people may not fully get her.

This is smart music made by smart people for smart people. It’s barren in a good way, choosing to use quirky instruments like the accordion & mellotron, (and call me crazy but I think I hear a fire bell in track 3). If this record were a film it would be playing at that last remaining dilapidated art deco theatre just south of downtown that only urban hipsters & starving artists frequent.

This is a well rounded record that keeps a steady style while holding your interest in the unusual- complete with an A Capella ender that will stick in your head worse than Tom’s Diner ever did.

Check out her website leahcallahan.com