Lea Delaria

Show Review

by Jen Lazar

Deal With Delaria

Have you ever seen a big, tattooed bull dyke belt jazz music in black leather pants and a crew cut? Well I have, her name is Lea Delaria and she is a sight to behold.

Friday, March 29th, at the Market Theater in Cambridge, Delaria exposed a multi-sexual crowd to her crude, rare, over-exposing form of Jazz on crack.

Her new album, "Play it Cool," on the Warner Bros. Label, takes well-known Broadway songs and transforms them into the oxymoron of the new jazz classic. This new addition to her famous role as dyke comic and Broadway leading lady, as she sarcastically put it, was the imaginative product of a
marijuana-induced explosion of creativity.

I must admit that it might be rather appalling at first to witness these great barriers of jazz performance crumble before your very eyes in a jumble of words like fuck, shit and pussy.
In a not so queer world, a person may be offended or even dismantled at the core, if they pride themselves on the grace and timeless elegance of a jazz setting.

Delaria pulls it off with her outstanding vocal range and
show-stopping dynamic. It never hurts to have a back up band tighter than…well, very tight. Pianist Janette Mason, bassist Maryann McSweeny, Drummer Barbara Merjan, and Sax Player Justin Flynn, mold together to form a band with rich tones and a colorful, light-hearted persona. Their timing was
impeccable; as I am sure Delaria is a hard act to follow vocally.

She is constantly changing rhythms, moving within the melodic context of the songs and skatting in a whole other universe. It's hard no to enjoy a George W. tirade in the middle of a skat solo, and any left-wing extremist moderate lesbian gay trans bi person would have to be proud, after all, most of us do
have our mutual disdain for the president in common.

Jazz is an acquired taste, which may not moisten the taste buds of every music-lover, but if you are in the mood for a good time with laughs and one loquacious lesbian included, check out Delaria and love your life.