Laura Turner

Soul Deep

Record Review by Becca Holland

While Soul Deep is indeed a showcase for an amazing voice, it’s also great pop. A perfect balance of opera and smoldering sensuality creates one of the most interesting debuts I’ve listened to in quite awhile. First listen evokes comparisons to well known voices such as Sarah Brightman and power balladeer Celine Dion, but further review reveals a completely independent sound. Turner’s voice is a powerful instrument, but one that is capable or translating emotion in it’s flawless timbre. While most songs create a sensually rhythmic mood, several tracks simply highlight Turner’s power as a singer. “Angel De Madrugada” is a Spanish track that puts her soprano on full display.

So light the candles and open the wine because this debut creates ample atmosphere while providing enough substance to make the listener pay attention even when the lights are on. For more information, check out