The Jumblies

By the Light of A Blue Moon

Record Review by TC Krentz

The Jumblies want to help us. They want to help us remember what truly good music is really about. They want to help us understand what good pop rock sounds like without sounding gaggingly sweet or stupid. They want to help us remember that some sounds of the past shall remain timeless because they are
unique & beautiful.

This five piece band has just released their first full lengther By the Light of A Blue Moon. It's a delicious set of ethereal songs that are shockingly catchy. Most new records take a second & third pass to dig on, but not this CD.

It could be due to the familiarity of their sound. They embrace the styles of old favorites such as The Sundays, Ocean Blue, Cocteau Twins- the beautiful stuff the New Wave movement left behind. The guitaring by Mark Heng is perfectly brilliant and worth having in your collection.

There is something slightly edgy about the vocalist, Tracy Ross. Although you could describe her voice as flowingly beautiful, her delivery gets punchy on tracks like Sick Inside.

Add in quirky lyrics and it makes for wonderfully balanced
art. "They tell you everything's alright then they're gone/ you'd think I'd learn not to trust my friends when they burn me down again & again/ they're just gone as you carry on what went wrong" (yes, that is the whole song).

Boston's own Jumblies' By the Light of A Blue Moon is one of the best records we've received this year! Pick up this priceless CD for the obscenely low
cost of $10 at...