Why Would I Sing ?(independent)




Record review by TC Krentz


Why would you buy a CD? Would you buy it if at first listen it made you feel hopeful, light and joyful? Well that is the exact experience the listener shall have from the first track of Johanna’s new release Why Would I Sing?  The upbeat Falling kicks off this wonderful album; a tune that perfectly expresses the rush and beauty of falling in love.

Johanna’s voice has a magnificent quality that complements her music and lyrics. If you enjoy the likes of Shawn Colvin or Jewel, this is a must-own record. All the players appearing on the recordings execute first class musicianship. Co-writer & guitarist Anthony Latt shines on these songs; the darkly beautiful lead work on It Was You is a showcase of the heartfelt playing heard throughout the record.

Every now & then you stumble upon a song that screams a truth so loudly that it resonates inside you for a long time. Even if it’s a mundane melody, it’s in your head. Fortunately this blue moon song found on track 3 has one of the most captivating hooks ever written; it’s a treasure in every way It’s so tempting to ask yourself where you’re going/but it’s not till you’ve seen where you’ve been that you know/ so you might as well just learn to live in the moment/ or it all passes you by while you’re wondering where you’ll go. Just Let Me Be is one of the “essence songs” representing everything good about this entire CD.

The sanguine Pocket wraps up this remarkable first full length debut from Johanna. It’s no surprise Billboard Magazine commended two of Johanna’s song in their songwriter’s contest! We look very forward to this incredible artist’s next endeavor.