Joan Osborne

Righteous Love


Record Review by TC Krentz

The long awaited Joan Osborne follow up record is out now. Why haven't you gotten it yet? Is it because the radio isn't embracing this little darling like Relish yet?

Don't let that stop you. Joan Osborne cooks up as much soul as she ever has. Joan seems to take a more serious revisit to her blues roots on this record.

The groove throughout is quite infectious. Besides the regular good stuff you'd expect from her follow up, she borrows a little Northern African/Indian influence which works well with her slightly sultry side. We'd love to see the outstanding track 1 Running Out of Time get the radio airplay One of Us did.

If you ever wondered what would happen if the worlds of Janis Joplin, Chaka Khan and Bonnie Raitt were to ever collide, you need look no further than Joan's cover of Gary Wright's Love Is Alive.

We all knew Joan Osborne was going to be a lasting rock goddess, and she hasn't proven us wrong on her absolutely awesome 3rd release.

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