Jess McDonough

“Every Little Piece”

By Becca Holland

Jess McDonough’s sophomore effort, Every Little Piece, is the perfect vehicle to transport her ability to completely expose the soul of a song, not with flash and fire, but with expressive lyrics, perfectly synchronized rhythms and a voice that melts over the listener like warm summer rain. With the obvious influence of icon Patti Grifith and a steel guitar that could be borrowed from bluegrass crossover Alison Krauss, each tune is infused with both powerful lyrics and intricate melodies.

The tracks are as varied and different as the moods of any young and impetuous artist. Track 3 “Rather Be Found” is melodically simplistic but lyrically powerful exploring the realization that a particular relationship will never give you what you need. “It’s not that I didn’t love you till the end, I just can’t waste my heart loving you forever.” Followed by the soothing lullabye quality of “Every Little Piece”. Be prepared to switch gears again on “Not Another Day” where the percussion moves the song along like a heartbeat. Regardless of tempo and tone, each song is crafted beautifully by this young artist.

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