Jess Mcdonough


(Independent Release)

Record Review by TC Krentz

Jess Mcdonough is quoted as saying most people do not recognize music as the gift that receives it's much deserved appreciation.

As you listen to Battlecall, you can practically feel Jess pull this talent from her heart and offer her gift to the listener. It is straight ahead folk; a girl with a guitar. But don't write her off to the boring reserve just yet. This is a folk singer with spirit. Remember, it takes a special songwriter armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and set of pipes to capture your attention.

Her strong yet sensitive lyrics complete the sincerity of this outstanding CD.

She is clearly from the school of such vocalists as Jewel - a style that pours out a silky stream of mellifluous beauty. The track "The River" is a perfect example of her shining talent, as the dual vocal lines intertwine, inviting a mysteriousness
to this simple song.

Her strength and seriousness commands your respect. She is one to check out and continue to watch. This is a terrific debut. I, for one, will be looking forward to the next release as well.

This may be a hard to find since she remains unsigned at this writing so visit her website to order Battlecall...