Jen Murdza - Reboundin’ (independent)


Record review by TC Krentz

Jen Murdza has released a fabulous follow up to last year’s debut EP Things Untold. Jen’s songwriting skills remain strong for her second release Reboundin’.

The first track Gracious has cleverly flirtish lyrics that dance within an infectious R&B groove, complimented by classic horn work by the Aruda brothers. The lyrics alone of the gut wrenching Did I Ever Tell You is a mandatory reading in order to grasp the depth of Jen’s lyrical integrity.

The record reflects several styles, including folk, pop, country, and R&B while maintaining it’s own unique approach to each of them. Honest music with brilliant time changes and great players all lend themselves to creating a collection of outstanding tunes that truly deserve a good listen.

Check out all things Jen at or at her myspace site.