Janet Robin

Out From Under

(Little Sister Records)

Record Review by TC Krentz

That Janet Robin has done it again. Her second release Out From Under is a master piece of charming rock that will having you falling for her straight-away.

There isn't a runt in this litter of upbeat pop. She nails the bull's-eye right out of the gate with the radio worthy "Second Look." The ear-catching "Dream In Blue" beautifully depicts her incredible guitar talent.

Janet has a way of sneaking intricately powerful guitar moves into the most tender moments of a song. Janet Robin is a fierce yet graceful gazelle in the musical animal kingdom.

What completes the package is her sultry vocals. She's as sexy and genuine in the studio as she is on stage. Her players are outstanding in their field and thank goodness someone behind the board really knew what the hell they were doing.

The songs receive the technical treatment they deserve. You'd never know these songs were recorded "at various homes & studios all over the place." We'll throw her in the genre of Amy Mann and, OK, Sheryl Crow but Janet can hold her own in this rock arena, thank you very much.

This is a must have CD. Visit her website to check out song samples...