Indigo Girls


Record Review by Becca Holland

After a two year hiatus following the release of “Become You,” the Indigo Girls are back with their eighth studio release “All That We Let In.” The overall voice of the cd is a second coming of age that balances one’s individuality with their global responsibility.

Several of the songs deal with loss and melancholy. Remarkably almost all are balanced by a sense of underlying optimism. The title track, written by Salier’s after the death of a friend, recognizes that in order to experience happiness and personal epiphany, one has to deal with heartache, disappointment and betrayal as well. Ray tackles melancholy in “Cordova” which traces the arc of humanity and passion within the act of revolution.

However, the most notable tracks are the more upbeat tunes. “Heartache For Everyone,” written by Ray, could easily be covered by No Doubt. Despite the fact that it’s acoustically restrained, it could easily be re-arranged to a full-on ska/punk expose. Ray also penned “Dairy Queen” a tongue-in-cheek upbeat breakup song.

With “All That We Let In” the girls once again prove that social awareness and humanity can create amazing music devoid of preaching and bursting with possibility. Loyal fans with not be disappointed with the familiar chemistry and new comers will be delighted by the journey.

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