Doria Roberts

Radio Doria

(HD Records)

Record Review By TC Krentz

Radio Doria broadcasts a political narravative of her heartbreaking observations of life.
Not just lamenting, she lays down the truth via her lyrics in a creatively rebellious way. She's got a lot to get off her chest and packs a punch with every song.

Is folk music boring? Not the brand being served up here; Doria Roberts is pioneering something you might call "fierce folk." Not in just lyrical content. The rhythm guitar in itself is driving, providing a perfect high performance vehicle to carry her message.

Clever soulful twists in the music, as in "Death of a Day" showcases Doria's unique song writing talents. This record is often decorated with the musical coloring of violinist LaTonya Peoples which adds a graceful beauty to Doria's simple yet mellifluous guitar work.

This is a similar musical climate to her last record Restoration
but definitely a lyrical diversion from the tamer debut which featured the why-isn't-this-song- on-every-radio-station-in-the-country hit called "Perfect."

Don't be scared, Radio Doria is not an in-your-face indignant collection of woe-is-the-world songs. Upon cracking open the CD jacket, you will find her motivation behind the music with mini-liner notes on several songs.

Frankly, she is just as willing to shine the light of truth on her own accountability. If every human being in American bought this album and listening to it just once the world would become a better place. We all could use a little Doria in our heads and our hearts.

This CD available through Doria Robert's website DORIAROBERTS.COM.