Danielle Howle

Show Review by Becca Holand

pictures by Rose Gardina ©

The juxtaposition of playing before a sold-out crowd at the Fleet Boston Pavilion on Saturday night and the intimate crowd of 20 or so at The Kendall on Sunday is almost a perfect metaphor for the artist who pulled off this feat. Danielle Howle, describes coming down after opening for the Indigo Girls to play at solo at the Kendall, “This place is like a warm sweater. It just makes me feel good.”

With a unique style reminiscent of Cheryl Wheeler, Howle performs one minute with the voice of an angel singing the most beautiful lyrics on earth and the next irreverent and unabashedly silly. She sang mostly tracks off of her latest release, Skorborealis.

Claiming rock is good for humans, she set off into a rocking set featuring the toe-tapping “Bad For You” and the funky, redneck rap and rambling about the lunacy of the human race called “Wrestling.”

In a tribute to Joni Mitchell, who she touts as the ruler of the universe, she covered “Stardust.” She also expressed her sentimental side with the haunting “Love Is A Fall” and the indecipherable yet captivating, “Magic Violin.”

At one point, a ringing cell phone made her stop talking and she rolled her eyes saying, “I hate that.” Then when it began ringing again, her eyes widened and her face turned red when she realized it was her phone ringing in her guitar case. She jumped up exclaiming, “What an asshole I am” as she turned it off.

With quirky lyrics, a down-home attitude and an unpretentious style, Danielle Howle puts on a chameleon-like show, which travels the gamut from earthy and heart-felt to tongue-in-cheek. Finishing the show with the hymnal inspired “Jesus Don’t Wait” was the quintessential showcase for her talents…it was powerful, it was melodic, and it left you wondering what was next. Check out the latest release, you won’t be disappointed.