Lamb Lost In The City / Cordero Perdido en la Cuidad(Daemon Records)

Record Review by TC Krentz

Ani Cordero folds in a goodly measure of her Puerto Rockin influence to make for a fantastic debut record on Lamb Lost in the City. Her sultry spooky voice fits the Spanish lyriced tunes as well as the songs straight out of the classic alternative rock world.The players bring a well honed style which compliments the multi-faceted CD. Don’t get us wrong, this record isn’t “all over the board.” It’s a definitive blend of alternative rock with a strong Hispanic influence. Picture Mazzy Star crossing paths with Los Lobos - it’s clear on it’s identity, as unique as it may be (at this time in music history).

It’s a fine starter kit for those of us who haven’t had a proper introduction to the what we’ll call Latirnative music scene.

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