Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad II

Record Review by TC Krentz

Bomb Squad- Bomb Squad II

As soon as you put the needle on the record, you'll know you're in for 43.06 minutes of a damn rockin' good time. Bomb Squad II is a fantastic follow up to their debut record Sophistafunk which landed them the 2003 New Music Award at the American Music Awards.

No surprises here; it's hard to imagine a band this great ever kickin' out anything other than super-polished top notch funk-rock catchy as hell songs. The record intros a call out of track 5 Rip It Up which deserves a revisit being that it kicks as much arse as it does.

Then we jump right into the groovin' Big Hot Money Spot and it's all downhill in a beautiful way from there. The record has a perfect balance of groovers, pop tunes & some reggae-esk/latin jazz stuff just in case you thought these guys were accidentally really good at funk rock alone.

Bomb Squad is a sardine can of incredible talent; nicely rounded out by vocalist Jen Durkin who can rock like Tina Turner or put on the soul of Chaka Khan.
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