Ann klein

Waiting for the Snow
Record Review
By TC Krentz

Ann Klein will tell you herself that her style is a combo platter of influences. It takes a particular talent for an artist to mix it up and bring it all together like she does on this record.

Waiting for the Snow isn't just a CD, but a great feat. There is a deep beauty to many of the slower, mellower tracks but they are colored with a uniqueness that probably only Ann Klein can get away with. Safe sounds like a lost song from the Cocteau Twins catacombs, sung by Ann, backed by Radiohead, complete with a jews harp track just to keep it unusual. This is followed by Goodbye Charade, a general Dear John letter written from the back roads of Kentucky. A country song, no. An Ann Klein song, yes.

Some of the tracks are very pictorial. (Someone sign this chick to a major label so we can finally see the music videos to these songs). The almost spooky Happy New Year makes you feel like you're on an amusement ride designed by director Tim Burton. The bluesy groovin' Match Burns Twice is on loan from Joan Osborne and does this song ever display well in the Ann Klein museum. Her sexy, lulling voice topped off by her funky lead guitaring has made this piece of art her very own.

Where is the rock, you ask? Fret not, this is what Ann does best. With the driving guitar tracks complimented by band members Klaus Kircher & Robert Kainar, rockers Cyberspace Lover, Someday & Tell Me Why balance out this incredible collection of 13 multi-faceted works.

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