Ann Klein

My Own Backyard (Independent)


Record Review By TC Krentz

Ann Klein’s fourth endeavor entitled “My Own Backyard” is a brilliant diversion from her first three incredible releases.

Although she maintains her talent as an outstanding rock performer, she certainly channels in a side of herself we may not have known was there; a country rock-guitarist-songwriter-singer. Even her voice transforms as if she has been soaking in the swamplands of America’s South for half her life.

This record provides proof that Ann Klein is truly a musician in every respectable sense; not just a girl with a guitar but a versatile talent that plays, writes and sings from the heart every time and executes any song penned with a well honed style.

Songs like Hank Williams flaunts her capacity to write an instant classic – whether it’s rock, folk or country. Dancing In The Rain fits nicely into this collection of ditties but could appear seamlessly on any of her prior releases.

What her fans will find most enjoyable is her signature remains constant on this record, as it has on all of them so far. Nice addition to the growing body of work of this NYC local favorite.

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