Reagle Players

Show Review

by Diandra Bergman 08/02

In Annie Get Your Gun a musical written by Irving Berlin, his greatest hit, showcases some of Berlins best numbers, from "There's No Business Like Show Business" to "Anything You Can Do" and "I Got the Sun in the Morning".

The Reagle starred Andrea McArdle, the original Annie in "Annie "for the featured role, she had a special magnetic charm and appeal that seemed sincere.

The play chronicles the romance between Annie Oakley, the sharpshooter and Frank Butler a trick shooter on tour with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

The peak of the conflict was when Annie earned status of top billing in the show. She believed Frank would love her more and be proud of her talents. It was at this point Frank's ego is bruised and he steps away and backs down.

In the finale she surrenders her position of talent to let Frank be "the best" shooter. She wins her love in the end.