Amy Ray


(Daemon Records)

Record Review By TC Krentz

Amy Ray : Indigo Grrrl
Creates Her Own Riot.05/01

Don't be alarmed, they're fine. Contrary to rumors regarding Amy Ray's new solo album release, the Indigo Girls have not
broken up. And with one listen to her new CD entitled "Stag", you will clearly understand why Amy Ray needed to generate this side project.

This is Amy's first solo album which is nothing like the music she creates with fellow Indigo Girl Emily Saliers. Amy has a meaningful rebel inside her that is able to fully express itself on this endeavor. There is even additional significance in regards to her independence; the record is being released on her own label Daemon Records.

Amy fully rolls up her sleeves and gets down in the trenches like any other indie chick on this label. No special budgets or luxurious timeframes were used in making this record.

The results will surprise you. With fellow rockers like Joan Jett and the Butchies on board, the stage was set for Amy to release her inner punk. Although there is some beautiful acoustic guitar work which you'd expect, most of the great tracks are recorded with basic 4 piece rock bands. And it works well.

Song topics jump from a slightly amusing "hillbilly" ditty about
her brother being executed in a public hanging to her frank observations of oppression she witnesses in the male dominated music industry.

Meaningful lyrics decorated with catchy hooks backed up by a bare bones rockin' sounds reveals a side of Amy Ray you could never experience as an Indigo Girl fan. It's an excellent first effort that you should definitely check out. If it's a hard to find item in your area, jump on the Daemon site...