Sean Wiggins & Lone Goat – The Kitchen Sink

Record review by TC Krentz - Boston Girl Guide

Sean Wiggins latest release is once again not one iota of disappointing. Her outstanding bluesy/country forte is in full swing, intensified by the remarkable players of Lone Goat.

Quintessential Sean checks in on tunes like “Wathcin the World Go By” and “Into the Blue”, flaunting a songwriting, guitarplaying & vocal style that proves she is one of the most talented independent artists in her genre. To no one’s surprise, there is a rock & roll streak that flares up on the track “Crazy.”

Not to add peer pressure, but you don’t one to be one of the few human beings on the earth that doesn’t own a copy of “The Catchiest Song”, do you? Sean’s fun sense of wit showing itself again… but it ain’t false advertising – that & all songs on The Kitchen Sink are quite infectious.

Another round of fantastic tunes executed with supreme talent – we highly recommend you git yerself a copy of The Kitchen Sink.

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