Record review by TC Krentz

Jennifer Matthew’s sixth release may well be her personal best. The Wheel definitely showcases everything you need to know about this fantastic artist; her mystic, her deep & thoughtful emotions, her talent as singer/songwriter, and last but not least, guitarist.

Track one sets the tone of this heavily influenced by blues & folk rock record. There are some colorful-straight-outta-the-60’s sounds, some nice use of reggae rhythms, and some incredibly heartwarming folk-genred songs. She even caps the works off with a poem & acoustic bass duet.

What threads through the record is an authenticness that can’t be described. Jennifer is clearly an angel enduring the human experience. It can be heard in her hauntingly beautiful vocal style as well as the lyrics. It’s like that magical side of Stevie Nicks you fell in love with even if you hated Fleetwood Mac. It’s the shining clarity of Alanis Morissette, whether you thought she was a bitch or not. The music behind the magic is just as stunning; the talent crowds in en masse. The lead guitar work on the title track alone is mandatory listening. Jennifer Matthews is a siren wailing her soul stories out to us; sometimes at high decibel and sometimes at a whisper. Both are contagiously beautiful.

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