Jennifer Matthews - The Sunroom Sessions
(Thundamoon Records)


Record review by TC Krentz

Coming off the European leg of the tour of her last successful release “The Wheel” and fresh of the road from Alaska, Jennifer Matthews has temporarily sent the rock band on vacation, has done some reflecting, and has rebirthed some of her hits as well as created some new gems for her latest CD Jennifer Matthews 'The Sunroom Sessions".

Jennifer takes to the studio with only a guitar & microphone to put together a quintessential set of songs which reveals that her beauty of talent truly runs deep. The girl-with-a-guitar era is just about over, but I am happy to report this CD isn’t a display of this tiring genre. Instead the listener is treated to a side of Jennifer at her most intimate & attractively simplistic. Beautifully haunting tracks like Floating and Trees in December are accompanied by the hip & catchy Lemon Peels & Tangerines making for a well-formed collection of Jennifer Matthews, possibly her very best.

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