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"...So I live, I question, I travel, and I document what I see. I too, struggle to survive. I too, try, and occasionally succeed, to be happy and go through life with hope and faith that we can, if we try hard enough, make our world a bit more livable, a bit more enjoyable, and a bit more peaceful." --Alexia Berry

Alexia Berry was born and raised in Paris, France of an American father and a French mother. Her multicultural and religious background has made her well aware of cultural differences and similarities. It has led her to travel the world; learning, witnessing and recording both the amazing grace and beauty, as well as the atrocities and hardships that surround us whether it be in the closest and most familiar places or the most remote, foreign lands.

Through her world travels, Alexia always discovers, experiences and learns from other beliefs and opinions. She wonders and questions the essence of our being that drives us and leads us to action, the urge that make us passionate, and the strength that makes us survive.

Her photos have earned her recognition and respect in the photography field as she has received numerous honors and awards in recent years. Professional Photographers of Massachusetts granted her four blue ribbons and two red ribbons out of her six photos entered in competition. Professional Photographers of New England awarded her three blue ribbons and one red ribbon along with a Special Judge's Award for four photos entered.

She has received an award of excellence, as well as an honorable mention, from Photographer's Forum magazine and was published in Best of Photography, 1999, to name a few of her many accomplishments. Currently based in Boston, Alexia has been a professional photographer for over six years, working mainly in portrait, wedding and travel photography.

Working in both color (Velvia and Provia) and black and white (TriX and Tmax), her photographs are altogether classic and timeless as well as modern and break through. Her style is photojournalistic with a timeless, classical edge.

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