Michelle Malone

photo by Rose Gardina

Boston Girl Guide features Michelle Malone for our Interview by the Fans Series

We asked Michelle Malone fans to email us one burning question they’ve always wanted to ask her! And from mid-tour for her Stomping Grounds release, here are her answers!

By TC Krentz

Fan#1: Is there a specific method/formula you use to write your songs or do you rely purely on inspiration to create?

MM: no, it's haphazzard at best- but it seems like i have to write music and lyrics at the same time. I work well under pressure…usually start writing in the studio or the night before to add to to the songs had time to write on the road.

Fan#2: Why on your live CDs don’t you have the Dolly Parton 9-5 cover that you played at both Fillmore & 2101 Champa in Denver? Will you ever put that on album? It was fantastic – and come back to Denver soon!

MM: that song is on a live CD- boot 4, and thank you! And we
were just there in Denver and we love CO! AND we'll be back around Nov 21 to do Etown in Boulder.

Fan#3: Are you ever going to collaborate with John Mayer again?

MM: couldn’t tell ya, but I would like to, especially on some blues.

Fan #4: When is your next CD going to come out?

MM: next year sometime.

Fan#4: Have you begun writing it yet? yes- I always got songs up my sleeve.

Fan#5: Are you going to hit Boston regularly when you tour? I tour all the time - I get to Boston whenever I can-last year we got stuck there in the blizzard! So I will be there on Nov 3 at Harpers Ferry and then again next Spring or Summer, I assume.

Fan#6: Beside music, what are your other passions – what do you care deeply about?

MM: music is all there is for me- I like photography and running but I don't have time anymore for either.

Fan#7: What do you like to do in your free time?

MM: what free time?!

Fan#8: What do you recall as your happiest moment?

MM: when we finally made it to the Oklahoma border and into the hotel last night!

Fan#9: What is your favorite song you’ve written and why?

MM: I like Preacher's Daughter a lot right now- just seems to fit me like a glove these days and we're really enjoying laying it live. I am loving the bluesy swampy material these days- it sets me free and takes me back to my roots. It feels like the me I've always known.

Fan#10: Until there is a Michelle Malone /Behind the Music/ about you, tell us something interesting about your childhood!

MM: you'll have to wait for Behind the Music! Anyway, all the details are in the music- I got no secrets- so go listen closely to the lyrics.

Fan#11: Now that the Indigo Girls are finishing their Epic contract, do you see yourself collaborating with them even more than you have in the past?

MM: I'm always open to playing with my friends, old and
new. I'm really busy, but I always make time for them- it's just too fun and easy, like breathin’.

Fan#12: I know you’ve produced a CD for the Laura Blackley Band. Do you plan to work with other bands, producing their music? If so, does this mean your fans will see you less on the road?

MM: I enjoy producing a lot, and I'd like to do more of it. I am currently looking for a new project/band to produce, but it needs to keep in line with the country/blues/ Americana theme. I don't see producing other bands becoming my predominate job over my own music/touring anytime soon.

Fan#13: Have you ever experienced bias or bashing from conservatives during your tours?

MM: no.

Fan#14: I’d like to know if it’s boxers or briefs!

MM: it's nuthin, honey!

Fan#15: Where do you like to go on vacation- have you ever taken time off from touring? I love the beach, just wanna hear the ocean whenever I can. I take a week here and there mostly to go home and pay bills and do laundry before we leave again!

Fan#16: Is it true you don’t read any record reviews on your own records?

MM: pretty much, although I do occasionally read them by accident. Once I've written and recorded a CD, the creative
process, the heart of the music is done and over for me. Then it's all about touring and playing the songs live. Everyone has an opinion about the music -it's totally subjective- but mine matters the most. I'm open to constructive criticism, but it is still irrelevant.

Fan#17: How long have you been playing with your drummer?

MM: 4 years

Fan#17: You guys rip in a super tight way on tour together!

MM: Thanks!

Check out www.michellemalone.com for tour dates & all other unsatisfied curiosities about her!