Indigo Girls & Wbos Holiday Concert

To Benefit Honor The Earth

Concert is a call to Action: Support Wind power on Native Lands

Mission Statement
Honor the Earth is a national foundation and advocacy organization that supports front line Native environmental work. Our mission is to increase funding and public support for Native communities protecting the Earth we all share.
Honor the Earth uses music, the media and the arts to accomplish this mission. Our Honor the Earth concert tours, featuring the Grammy Award winning Indigo Girls and Native artists have raised nearly half a million dollars and significant political resources for Native environmental groups.
Honor the Earth supports work in two key areas: Environmenal Justice and Indigenous Knowledge. Within these program areas we have undertaken two Strategic Initiatives - one on Energy Justice, and the other on the Buffalo Commons . Our Strategic Initiatives represent focused efforts to raise consciousness, create dialogue and impact public policy long-term around these issues. We hope you will join with us in this work.
Honor the Earth
2104 Stevens Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Sponsored by: Indigenous Environmental Network and the Indigenous Women’s Network.

All photo's by Rose Gardina ©

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