“We Can Each And Everyone of Us Make A Difference”
Jane Goodall ~ April 22, 2006 ~
Earthday at Massachusetts’
Franklin Park Zoo
Written by: Jennifer Matthews

During her wonderful lecture, Dr. Jane Goodall touched on extremely important matters mostly pertaining to the dire need for more community awareness in protecting and restoring our Earth. The motto at hand was protect, restore and create an environment for the future. Dr. Goodall shared with the 1,000 plus crowd that Tanzania has a new president whom cares about the environment. Again his motto is to protect and restore. Upon his stepping into office, he says that although he realizes it might take twenty years to feel the effects, he is going to do it anyway. One of the first environmental laws that he put into effect is within six months no more plastic bags will be sold or bought. This would be a tremendous step for all countries around the globe to partake in. Bring and use tote bags or paper bags when shopping. Plastic bags are extremely harmful to our environment and pollute not only the land, but clog up drainage systems, get into rivers and streams where the fish ingest them and are killed mistaking them for food. Also plastic bags are not biodegradable.

Dr. Goodall made an excellent point by saying that whether we have big feathers or small feathers, we all play an important part. It starts at home. Being more conscientious about recycling, discontinue use of plastic bags; eat organic including free-range meats and poultry. Make grains, fruits and vegetables the staple of our diets. Also, compost foods, discontinue use of aerosol sprays, start a car pool, educate yourselves, your children and your neighbors. You can start up your own community clean up in your neighborhoods.

Dr. Goodall has a website at www.janegoodall.org. She has also started her own institute called the Jane Goodall Institute where she designed a program to engage and inspire youth and all ages through service learning projects. It is a global program based on the principle that knowledge leads to compassion, which inspires action. It is called Roots and Shoots. All of the R&S groups plan and implement projects showing care and concern in three areas: the Environment, Animals, and the Human community.

Research has shown that Roots and Shoots has a long-term impact on young people, teaching them that they can make a difference in the world. Especially by increasing their confidence and instilling new interest in protecting the environment and animals. Go to www.rootsandshoots.org to learn more and to sign up to start your own roots and shoots group in your town and community. It is never too late and every effort really does make a difference.

We must stop the apathy and care about the future of our environment, animals and the human community. Remember, a single drop in a pond creates a ripple that grows and grows and spreads in great width. A single effort on your part can and will do the same.
God Bless.