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by Ginnie Getz      

“Money Can’t Buy It” - Annie Lennox says it all in this song - “I believe that Love alone might do these things for you…. I believe in the power of creation… I believe in the good vibration… I believe in Love alone… Take the power to set you free…” Well for starters we have to change the “you” to “me”. We have to do these things for ourselves.

Of course once we start on our path to personal power and discovery, we may want to share it with others of like mind and spirit. Once you start your ascent to deeper spirituality, people just seem to pop onto your path. Or in my case the teachers that appear in my life, remind that I am not on my path. These teachers may be on a similar path, passing by on their own unique journey or they may share your path for a bit. When we expand our minds and our hearts these people flow to us just naturally. Some we will invite to share our journey and some we will send on their way with love.

We will also invite people into our space that will test our limitations and development. These people will “show us our walls” and we will learn more from them than it seems we can handle. I guess you might think that I am being quite vague, but those of you on the path will get what I am saying. We are all at different levels, on different planes so to speak. The more we unlock the mysteries or our wants and desires the more we realize what we don’t know. The important thing is that we experience our lives and the gifts offered to us.

I believe that the biggest, brightest gifts are the people in our lives - our friends, loved ones, families and even our acquaintances. These people and our relationships with them are really the only thing that matters. The people and experiences in our past have guided us to our present.

We are the sum of all our experiences, whether they are good or bad. At this moment we are unique to ourselves, we are a “work in progress”. What we do from here is up to us. Now is the time to pick our path, to map-out our journey. If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed…. fear not as this is the time when you will make changes and choices.

This time and space is sometimes referred to as the “void”, the time when we free float and hope not to fall or fail. Maybe falling is part of the learning process. We have to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t. And if it doesn’t work for us anymore then we have to let it go and move past it.

We have to get off our asses and do some hard work. We can wallow in our self-pity and pain or we can figure out why we have chosen to do so. When it no longer works for us we will make changes in our lives. Change is never easy. But the answers are deep inside you so you might just have to experiment a bit.

Getting started on your journey is the first step. All we really have is the journey. Maybe yours will be like mine; a roller coaster or maybe it will be smooth sailing. Be introspective and give yourself time to heal, to live and to love. Do things that bring you comfort. Spend time with the friends that know you best, take a yoga class, read a book, or get a massage. Be gentle with yourself. Quiet your mind and let the answers flow to you.

We would all like to know what makes us tick but life is complicated, we are complicated. The people we deal with come with their own bells, whistles gifts and defects. It is important to examine the people and situations in your life right now. Look to what these people bring to your life and how they fit into the tapestry that is ours. We have everything that we think we deserve. We are the masters of our universe.

If your life is not the way that you desire, start by evaluating your thoughts, feelings and expectations. Focus on the bright spots and begin to work on the facets that are less than you desire. Believe in yourself and your personal power to create something real, meaningful and rewarding. Of course you have to balance this self-discovery with your work, responsibilities and needs. Take some time to examine your life.

It is natural to feel over-whelmed when examining the important things in your life. Look at each area of your life separately. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Trust your instincts and intuitions. Those little voices deep inside your heart and your head are trying to get your attention. Maybe you haven’t quieted yourself enough to listen to your deepest desires.

Feelings of fear, anxiety and emotional pain come with the territory. Embrace these feelings, as they will motivate you to take action. Baby steps are ok until you find your footing. Balance yourself, and take the time to love yourself. You are not alone in your quest for a more meaningful life.

Identify what really is important to you and balance that with your plan to create what you desire. Instead of wishing that you could have these things in your life, send a message to the universe that these are the feelings you desire. Surrender yourself to your journey and see what unfolds for you.

Communication with others is extremely important, as none of us are mind readers. Others around you may feel uncomfortable about your quest for meaning. But happiness is an “inside job” and we “can’t give to others what we are unable to give to ourselves”. Find your focus, start upon your path and do not give up. You might have to drag yourself along for a bit until it does not seem like such an effort. Once the wheels are in motion it will get a bit easier.

Remember to participate fully in every minute of every day of your life. We are here on this earth for a very short time. Today is the day, now is the time, and when it’s over it is over. Spend your time wisely. Sometimes you have to sit back and chill just a bit until the next path is revealed to you. Just be gentle with yourself as this is the time when the life lessons come to you and in my case this is the time when I am particularly inspired.

From time to time we must blow softly on the embers of our hearts
while we patiently wait for someone to fuel our dormant fires.
- g.getz