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Tom Bianchi

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24hour Tom

Photo by: Andrea Fischman

The Performer
Armed with 4 strings, theatrical voice, killer wit and the will to live, 24 Hour Tom is always ready to put on a show. Improvisation is a big part of the routine as he weaves seamlessly in and out of songs, good times and fun. Funky bass lines, witty humor, and killer tunes is what you can expect when you go to see this self-proclaimed 24 hour entertainer.
What People Say
Randomly catching Tom in action prompted this Boston Phoenix writer to say, "The guy is funny, and he's singing about exactly what's happening to all of us right this second". In a live review, Sound Check Magazine wrote "As the crowd danced, sang, and shouted, Tom riffs and ripples through stories and songs, ballads and funky one-man jams, personal greetings and other on-the-spot lyric changes, doing all he could to make his audience feel at home."
The Man
Tom cut his teeth on the street. No, he did not fall down and cut his teeth on the street, I mean he has worked on his chops on the streets and in the subways of Boston, Massachusetts. After being told he just wasn’t good enough to roll burritos for a living, Tom was determined to make it as a musician. He hasn’t looked back since.
The Show
Are you ready for this??? Straight up slap bass funk, power polkas, improvisation, stand up comedy, original music, cover tunes like you’ve never heard them before, ballads, bass solos, suspenders, maybe even a bit of juggling and balancing if he really gets going. That’s the show folks