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Pernell Disney


Severn Way (DisneyWhirl Records)

Record Review by TC Krentz

This here debut record of Pernell Disney's is a sure sign that this guy is headed for green pastures on the pop music scene. A surprisingly delightful collection of songs he describes as "detailed stories about life where I've really hung my heart on my sleeve".

You may have already guessed then, that the lyrics are nothing less than genuine and at times sensitively heartbreaking. The
tunes they ride on are just as beautiful. The guitar work here is tasteful, colorful & light which is why his music has been dubbed Dream Pop.

His smooth voice caps off these beautiful arrangements. The songs are unique enough to shame us away from comparisons, but if you like the mellower side of U2, Duncan Sheik or Lloyd Cole, we guarantee you'll dig Pernell Disney.

You've been warned- there's no shaking some of the tracks from your head once you've given Severn Way a few rounds in your CD player.


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