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Christopher Wood-Robbins
Christopher Wood-Robbins  

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Christopher Wood-Robbins, born September 27, 1965, began his writing endeavors during senior year in high school. In June of 1984, the day he graduated Whitman-Hanson High, he won the Preston-Gurney Jewell Award (essay division) for an essay he wrote comparing the year 1984 to George Orwell's frightening novel of the same name. On September of 1986, he won second prize in a Kansas-based poetry contest for an ode he wrote to his deceased friend Colleen.

From March to May 1996, he briefly kept a prose and poetry venue, Monologues, going at the Braintree Barnes and Noble. In the late 1990's, he volunteered off and on for the Jane Doe Safety Fund (before they corporatized into Jane Doe, Inc.), when they used to hold the annual Walk for Women's Safety. From 2000 to 2003, he served as a volunteer for the Women's Lunch Place.

After he left volunteering behind in 2003, he began travelling for the fun of it, and to read his poetry in as many places as possible. He has taken his ersatz "tour" as far north as Montreal and as far south as Baltimore, occasionally hopping on a plane to grace Chicago and California. But he has never forgotten the human equality causes that inspired him, and now he has come out with a poetry chapbook dedicated to said inspirations, called Love Among Equals.