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Casey Sratton



Casey Stratton

photo by Rose Gardina ©


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When asked, not even the artist himself could define his style. However, when asked to define his music, Casey Stratton, a bright new talent, had no hesitation. “Honesty with no boundaries,” Stratton said after his July 27 show opening for Sophie B. Hawkins at The Strand.

One part Joshua Kadison, one part Tori Amos, one part Radiohead and one part that is completely unique, Stratton caught the attention of his now manager, Gigi Gaston more than two years ago. However, strange turns of fate prevented the two from collaborating until recently.

Stratton had left Los Angeles in 2000 to pursue other avenues in Chicago. While he was struggling and debating the future of his music career, Gaston was searching for him. In February of 2002 fate intervened and the two finally connected via email.

“I heard from Gigi at the perfect time. I was just realizing that I just couldn’t do this all by myself. I wanted a manager who was a woman, not a slime ball and someone who would take care of me. Someone who believes that talent should matter,” Stratton said.

Upon reading her email, Stratton fell in love with her approach and the rest, as they say, is history. He is currently finishing up an independent release titled “The Winter Children,” opening on selected dates for Sophie B. Hawkins, producing new talent and shopping for a record deal.

Stratton, who is a classically trained pianist, has a sound all his own. Penning music that has a soul and tells a story, Stratton is worth your effort to check out his sound.

Becca Holland BGG staff