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Hubbardston Massachusetts's area Artist Julie Pepper is a former fine arts student at Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles and San Francisco Art Institute in California. In 1994 her son Genesis Dasa was born and Ms. Pepper returned to raise him in the New England countryside. After a brief time studying Holistic Medicine through The University of Wales in Great Britain; Ms. Pepper spent five years practicing herbal medicine and selling her paintings locally and abroad.

A season selling work and photographing at King Richards fair in Carver MA. gave light to a bounty of new images for her to express her love of male and female archetypes. The work has been described as “re-identifying personal persona by recapturing the spiritual fantastic”

"Ms. Pepper creates a delicate realm in which we may encounter Goddesses, Gods, Fairies, Witches and others who dwell in the mysteries of nature, A spiritual place where honor and reverence to emotions and the refined equilibrium of worship is relayed."
Julie Ann Pepper proclaims that much of her earlier work is influenced by the late author Marion Zimmer Bradley's “Mists of Avalon"(a Del Ray Book Ballantine Books - New York). "The dialogue between the characters revealed many thought provoking images that deal with why we see the world the way we do at this stage in history. Ethically what motivates us, what drives our dreams and what stands out within the Grid. We live in our own truth, and perhaps we don’t reckon with it enough. Perhaps the cause is that we first have to filter out much of the society that molds us. We can then allow our selves to be caressed and shaped by the belief of our soul. I feel that tragically we become desensitized and look to the quick fix rather than establishing a code of symbolic lessons in the adversity we face. We are all here to learn from each other and to teach one another. In depth this romantic novel about the time when the Mysteries of nature are responded to evoked a great scene of alertness in me. Luckily for me, I have had the privilege of being grounded by a strong family element and community of friends who model for me and support these ideals." Presently Ms. Pepper is a Director at the Fitchburg Art Museum in Fitchburg MA. Images that were in Boston Girl Guide magazine are presented in black and white, most images however are in color and available through the information prestented here.


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